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2015 La Cenerentola Reviews

The Greensboro News & Record

"La Cenerentola is a real hoot, and the soloists are dazzling"

Voix des Arts

"Holley assembled a team of artists and artisans whose common goal was making Rossini's music the centerpiece of a thriving, thrilling theatrical experience...The ingredients required to prepare an effective Cenerentola are sympathetic conducting, virtuosic singing, and a staging in which these elements are allowed to fuse uninhibitedly. Greensboro Opera's production of La Cenerentola provided all of these facets in abundance, and the resulting performance shone with the twinkle of Rossini's genius, illuminated by a septet of outstanding American voices and one of America's most gifted conductors."

Opera Lively

"Greensboro Opera was able to cast a very talented group, to the point that even seasoned operagoers who know this piece very well and are used to the standards set by some of the greatest recordings in audio and video were not let down. All four principal singers were wonderful...It was a great night of opera in Greensboro, and we look forward to their next production."

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